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Missouri Storm Siren Repair and Service

American Signal Corporation E-Class Electronic Siren

The latest in innovative emergency notification products from ASC. Developed with over 35 years of alerting and voice notification experience, the E-Class is a high powered configurable voice/siren. The E-Class high powered voice/sirens are fully configurable for a wide range of alert signal tones as well as highly intelligible pre-recorded or live voice directions for community, industry, or DOD Mass Notification applications. ASC can also provide all electronic control components such as the Siren Control, (Telephonic – or – Radio – or Satellite) Decoder (optional), pre-wired at the factory. This factory wiring maximizes efficiency and accuracy, resulting in reduced installation time and cost.

American Signal Corporation I-Force Electronic Siren

The i-FORCE by ASC is designed for community, DOD applications, colleges, universities, industrial, nuclear, petrochemical, or other applications that require high levels of sound pressure level output with superb acoustical performance and brilliant voice notification broadcasting.
The i-FORCE sirens can be activated individually or in dynamic groups from a central point using Ethernet, satellite, radio, cellular or landline. “Locally stored” messages at the sirens greatly enhance intelligibility tones or pre-recorded voice messages. The electronic control decoders are programmable for various tone out protocols. Any of 10 standard or optional customized tones can be activated.

American Signal Corporation Tempest Mechanical Sirens

ASC’s many years of experience in the warning system industry since 1942 has culminated with the advent of the Tempest™ line of the most reliable and coverage effective mechanical sirens on the market to date. The Tempest™ series of emergency alerting products are used for notification of the public or employees during severe weather situations, hazardous material incidents, wild fires, and other disaster scenarios including military facility attack, terrorism incidents and other amber alerts.

• Tempest™-112 Siren
• Tempest™-121 Siren
• Tempest™-128 Siren
• Tempest™-135 AC/DC Siren
• AC/DC Control Units:
• MC-48-DC
• MC-240-AC
• MC-AC/DC = (MC-240-AC & MC-48-DC

L&B Electronics Systems SC1 Siren Controller

• The SC1 is a radio activated controller capable of controlling sirens by way of two-way radio paging tones.
• The Paging tone types can either be DTMF or Two Tone format.
• Programmable with up to 4 tone sets which output to independent electrically isolated relays which can be timed independently of one another.
• An optional battery backup is available to ensure proper operation in the event of a power outage.
• Unit can be either pole or wall mounted and use a top mounted or externally mounted antenna for a wider coverage area.
• Includes manual test and cancel button.
• Controller Dimensions (Length X Width X Height) 11.5” x 7.5” x 13.5”